In Brief:

  1. Director, 2nd Unit Director.

  2. Experienced editor, videographer.

  3. Experienced actor.

  4. Bilingual : English/French.

  5. Canadian citizen, currently residing in Montreal.

  6. BFA: Specialisation in Film Production -

       Concordia University.

  1. BFA: Major in Theatre Concordia University.

Robert E. Newton is a film-maker with over 20 years experience. His directing and second unit work are informed by his extensive work as editor and videographer over two decades. He enjoys the creative process and is keen to delve into areas like CGI -helping to conceive and develop CGI sequences on several films, as well as having filled the post of VFX Supervisor. His professional theatre background and degree (as actor and director) give him insight into drama and acting when behind the camera.